Monday, December 11, 2006

Sea World

I told myself to back off sometimes but it really hit me this morning when I signed the consent form for his field trip to Sea World. What if they lost him? Oohhh, scary thought. So I ended up taking off work to chaperon him. When I showed up in his class, a boy with black curly hair jumped up to me and said, "Mrs Kenneth's mom, can you put my lunch in your back pack?" Reading the big question mark on my face, his teacher filled in, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Trevin will be Kenneth's partner today." Another parent chimed in, "Nely's mom had a hard time with him on the last field trip. Since Kenneth is so calm and easy going, we pair him with Trevin." Thank you but no thank you. Then Nely's mother whispered, "He's so fast, you always have to keep an eye on him." An eye? Are you kidding me? I have to keep a pair of eyes (that's two eyes) on him, plus my glasses, that's four eyes, just for your information. Why, oh, why do I have to stick with Trevin, the trouble maker, the boy who never stops moving and talking? Despite all the extra running and yelling, we, overall, had fun at Sea World.

Kenneth's feeding the dolphin
Room 11
And here's Trevin, the ultimate nightmare of all the field trip

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