Friday, August 14, 2009

evermore/blue moon

After the accident that took her parents' and sister's lives, 16-year-old Ever can see people's auras and read their thoughts. She even has conversations with the annoying ghost of her little sister, Riley. The stimulus she receives from the outside world is overpowering, and so she constantly tries to shut it out by wearing large hoodies and toting an iPod with earphones in everywhere.
Until the new student, Damen Auguste, comes into her life. He's dark, beautiful, talented, and perfect--and Ever is terrified of him, even when she's mysteriously drawn to him as his presence and touch somehow manages to calm the psychic chaos in her head... (Introduction from
Đọc xong Evermore. Thấy cốt truyện có lẽ nhiều tình tiết hơn Twilight nhưng cách viết của Alyson Noel không lôi cuốn bằng Stephanie Meyer. Có lẽ giới trẻ thích series này hơn vì nó gần gũi với lối sống bây giờ với ipod, với computer, với youtube....
Tiếp luôn qua Blue Moon. Nói sao nhỉ? Vẫn thích series của Stephanie hơn.
Sorry Út nha, just my humble opinion!

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