Wednesday, August 3, 2011


remember those walls i built
well, baby they're tumbling down
and they didn't even put up a fight
they didn't even make up a sound
i found a way to let you in
but i never really had a doubt
standing in the light of your halo
i got my angel now
it's like i've been awakened
every rule i had you breakin'
it's the risk that i'm takin'
i ain't never gonna shut you out
everywhere i'm looking now
i'm surrounded by your embrace
baby i can see your halo
you know you're my saving grace
you're everything i need and more
it's written all over your face
baby i can feel your halo
pray it won't fade away
        (hình chụp trước nhà, trời hôm đó tím thẩm)

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